DLG Consulting

Do you own a small business? Or do you need fresh ideas to get kids excited about your children’s ministry? There are so many creative things you would like to do or create, but you are not sure how? DLG Consulting can help you with your creative endeavors. Learn how to create beautiful graphics, documents, presentations, video bumpers and more and learn how to do it on a budget.  

(Great for artists, small businesses, churches, MLMs and content creators)

DLG Entertainment

Weddings ~ Parties ~ Churches ~ Senior Living Facilities ~ Cruises & More!

Professional and Elegant vocal and piano entertainment for any occasion. From opera to broadway to jazz or pop you can find the right style for your event.

Singing Telegrams

Looking for a unique gift for a special occasion? Send a live, virtual, or video singing telegram! 

DLG Skincare Solutions

My desire is to help those who suffer with acne. I spent over 30 years trying different products and remedies to clear my skin. Acne not only has physical implications, but also mental implications as well. If I can help prevent someone from suffering like I did, then I want to help! Whether it be adult acne or teenage acne, it is never too late. There is no cure for acne, so we have to constantly fight against it daily. Learn from me what routines and products can help you have clear, beautiful skin. 

No one has perfect skin, but I help you have your best skin!

DLG Audio/Video Editing

You do not have to spend hours trying to figure out how to change the key to your track. If you are not sure what key would be best for your we can help you figure out what key will fit your voice. Do you have hours of performance video and need to create a short promo video? We can help with that too! 

DLG Vocal or Piano Coaching

Have you always wanted to sing or play the piano? With over 20 years experience teaching private voice and piano, you can feel confident in knowing that your lessons will be tailored to you. You will experience encouraging instruction that will make you feel confident, yet challenge you to be the best musician you can be.