3 Simple Tips to Help Prevent Maskne

Do you suffer with breakouts from wearing a mask? For many of us, if we are physically going back to work or taking a trip to the grocery store, a mask is required. The term maskne has been going around for a few months now and most people know what it is, but just in case here is the short version.

Maskne is the “slang” word for acne mechanica. Basically it means you develop acne as a result of the mechanical friction of your mask against your face. It can be super annoying and you may feel like you can’t do anything about it because you have to wear a mask no matter what. Well, I have a couple of tips to help!

Tip #1: Wash Your Face

Yes, I know you may think that is obvious, but hear me out for a second. If you are working full time hours or you are one of our amazing essential workers who pull 12 hour shifts, do you stop to wash your face on your lunch break or dinner break?

Normally we would not think about washing our face at work, but doing this simple hack could help you prevent breakouts. Maybe you don’t have time to wash your face, or you think to yourself “I would NEVER wash my face in the bathroom at work!” , you can use a makeup wipe remover to wipe away the grimy dirt, oil and sweat you accumulated on your shift.

Tip #2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation can help lessen your chances of breakouts when done regularly.  If you are not sure what exfoliation means, it means you use a granular substance to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. EWWWWW, I know, but when you combine excess dead skin cells with dirt, oil and sweat, our lovely pimple friends come out to play.

You should exfoliate at least once a week, except for our friends with sensitive skin. However, depending on your skin type, you may need to up your game to 2 or more times a week. 

Tip #3: Hydrate

Many of our friends with sensitive skin have difficulty maintaining a balanced skin barrier, meaning your skin can be dry and irritated. If your skin is dry and/or irritated the flaky skin mixed with dirt, oil and sweat can cause breakouts. I will not get into the technical differences between the various types of acne “bumps”, you can google that if you would like, but hydrating your skin and maintaining a balanced skin barrier will help prevent your skin from breaking out.

Bonus Tips

In addition to the three tips mentioned above, here are three bonus tips for you!

  1. Have more than one mask and wash them often
  2. Check your lanudry detergent (you may need to switch to a free and clear brand without dyes or perfumes which can cause facial irritation).
  3. Be sure to have a mask that is 100% breathable cotton versus a polyester/synthetic blend (synthetic blends will cause most people to sweat more which is not bueno).

Next week I will share with you a couple of key ingredients you should look for in the types of products mentioned above.

If you are looking for skincare to help with your maskne or sensitive skin, click the link below for a quick 2 minute skincare consultation and receive a personal recommendation right to your inbox. 

Thanks for joining me!

Be Blessed, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!



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